Euromac MBX Plus 6 1250/30-1300

The new frame with an increase of dimensions enables the machine to operate with higher speeds thus ensuring greater stability and working precision.

Max. punching force (kN) 300
Y axis with Multitool /Monoounch (mm)  
Y = 1250 1300/1250
X axis (mm) 1300
Automatic repositioning in X (mm) up to 10000
Numerically control stroke depht (mm) not available
Precision in forming repeatability (mm) +/- 0.1
Bidirectional Autoindex stations 3
Opening of clamps (mm) 11
Automatic positioning clamps 2
Max. hit rate (1/min - 1 mm stroke):  
Punching with 20 mm pitch 250
Nibbling with 1 mm pitch 550
Thickness range (mm) 0.6-6
Max. weight at reduced axis speed (kg) 150*
USB port 6
Installed power (kW) 8.5
Average consumption (kW/h) 4.5
Approx, weight (kg) 8100
Overall dimensions (mm) 2230 x 3630
* for sheets of over 50 kg weight combined brush and balls tables are required

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