Costa Levigatrici

Costa Levigatrici S.p.A. is a world-leading manufacturer of automatic sanding equipment for the treatment of wood, metal and hard surfaces. For over 50 years, Costa has been offering high quality sanders with unchallenged level of reliability, a commitment that continues through investments in innovation, manufacturing and after sales services.

Today, Costa Levigatrici company manufactures deburring, finishing and dross removal machines for wet and dry processing of thick and thin sheet metal parts after various kinds of fabrication and treatment. It can be laser cutting, punching and other treatments leaving slag, oxide and dross on the sheet metal surface that requires cleaning, grinding and finishing.

Using different kinds of brush modules, Costa machines can process cut parts, sheet to coil, coil to coil and coil to sheet, performing edge rounding up to 2 mm and removing black layer.

The story of the Costa Family goes back for 5 generations, starting at the beginning of 1900 with an industrial activity in Marano, during the years manufacturing hydraulic turbines, flower mills, stows, and in 1921 the first woodworking machines. The specialization came in 1982 when Costa Levigatrici was established for manufacturing wide belt sanding machines only.

The main office is moved to Schio, in a new plant with machine tool and assembly facilities.