Established in 1963 from the diligence and avant-garde insight of Mr. Luigi Maggi, who introduced a completely innovative multi-slide machine’s concept and the first 6 axes CNC tube and wire bending and forming machine on the market, OMCG "Officine Meccaniche Costruzioni Generali" has grown to become a core brand in the manufacturing of machines for this sector industry.

Operating in over 35 countries, OMCG is now one of the few worldwide companies to be able to supply a whole range of solutions for the bending and forming of wire, tube and strip by means of CNC benders and special machines for unique products.

A global manufacturer of machinery for metal wire, tube and strip bending for over 50 years, OMCG is proud to offer a full range of solutions for the wire, tube, strip bending industry such as:
CNC single-head benders from 2.0 to 18 mm (0.08” to 0.70”),
Specialised work-cells for specific applications like wiper arms, railway clips and muffler hangers manufacturing.
Additional units for straightening, chamfering, punching, cold end forming and other operations.