Euromac MTX Plus Flex 6 Hybrid installed in Mytischi

In June 2019, a Euromac MTX Plus Flex 6 Hybrid punch press was successfully installed and launched at the customer’s premises in Mytischi, Russia,  by technical representatives of Italian Machinery Association.

The machine’s universal workstations allows to mount both single tool or multitool for 15, 23 or 27 cutters, making it possible to use it for any kind of task and increasing the machine flexibility.

The unique hybrid System which we call Flex (2 patents pending) has the power of the hydraulics combined with the precision of the electronic control.

A unique direct rotation drive of AutoIndex system uses a smaller number of mechanical parts, increasing reliability and cutting service costs down. The index station may turn whether it contains single tools or MultiTool systems XMTE 4, XMTE 6 and XMTE 10.