Italian-made machines shine at Tech Industry 2018

Italian Machinery Association informs about the great success of Tech Industry 2018 exhibition which took place in Riga from November 29th to December 1st. The biggest industrial event in the Baltic countries, as usual, united hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers of higher techologies, tooling and materials and attracted many spectators.


This year Italian Machinery Association showcased various sheet metal forming equipment and storage solutions for goods and materials in manufacturing. Visitors of the booth could see how quickly and accurately Euromac MTX Flex Plus 12 hybrid punch press and Euromac FxBend 1023 and Vimercati PHSY 3012 press brakes perform their tasks, and what a high quality of surface finish can be achieved by using Costa Levigatrici polishing and deburring machine.

Potential customers were visiting the booth for all three days, and after meeting some of them, most of the machines were sold. Now they will be shipped from Latvia to their new owners.

Along with Vero Software CAD/CAM solutions, also demonstrated on the same booth, the above mentioned products form a closed manufacturing loop which allows a customer to increase his competitiveness on the market.