Modula seminar in Latvian Chamber of Commerce

On March 15th, 2018, a presentation seminar, dedicated to warehouse automation solutions and possibilities, took place in Latvian Chamber of Commerce, for its members from various businesses and manufacturing sectors. Italian automatic storage systems Modula were presented by Ivan Izosin, CEO of Italian Machinery Association. Modula representative Maciej Sierputowski also participatedĀ  in the seminar.

The seminar’s attendees, mainly coming fromĀ  pharmaceutics industry, demonstrated great interest in the subject and initiated an interesting discussion afterwards.

A warehouse of trade goods, completed products, suppliers or tools is an integral part of most companies. No matter what size this warehouse can be, the company will always face the efficient warehouse management challenges, the need to quickly locate the required goods and space saving, as well as inventory and leftover control. With new technologies developing, they are successfully integrated into various business life cycle processes, creating modern technical solutions aimed onto facilitation and improvement of warehouse management. The most significant results may be achieved by implementation of automated storage systems.

The seminar featured the following:

1. Traditional approach of goods storage and management

2. Frequent problems and complications of modern companies

3. Technical and software solutions for warehouses

4. Lift storage systems as an example of optimal warehouse automation

5. Industry application and practical implementation cases of automatic storage solutions

The seminar was held in Russian. A video recording will be available shortly after the event.