Digibend series universal sheet/tube/bars bending and punching machines


Design features

Bending tool with pin Ø 30 mm H=200 mm and antiflection bar. Max 200 x 5 mm. (Digibend 400/800 CNC only)
Bending tool 30° with U shaped die for bending flat bars up to 30°. Max. 16 x 200 mm.
Bending tool with pin Ø 50 mm H=200 mm, revolving pin single V die and antiflection bar. max. 200 x 8 mm. Patent Pending. (Digibend 400/800 CNC only)
Punch and die H=400 mm for bending plate sheets. Max. 400 x 4 mm. (Digibend 400/800 CNC only)
Revolving pin die Tool single V die with revolving pin (mark-free bending) for thick plates. Max 200 x 30 mm. (Digibend 800 CNC only)
Movable bending punch and fixed die for tight bends.
Pin bending punch Ø 80 mm with antiflexion bar for bending a closed loop into thick wall bars. Max 200 x 15 mm. (Digibend 400/800 CNC only)
4 jaw bending tool for round, square, rect. Bars and thick pipes up to 180°. Max 100 x 20 mm or Ø 50 mm. (Digibend 400/800 CNC only)
Shearing unit for flat bars Max 150 x 12 mm.
Punching unit for holes up to Ø 30 mm. Max thickness 12 mm. (Digibend 800 CNC only)
2 jaw bending tool for thick wall pipes from 17.2 mm gas up to 60.3 mm gas and round bars, up to 90°
Straightening tool for pipes, steel beams, flat bars etc. for precision and heavy straightening jobs.
2 jaw bending tool with set of flanges for flat and shaped bars up to 90°. Max 60 x 20 mm.
Rotary bending tool for pipes, round and box tube, up to 180°. max Ø 50 mm.
With Euromac you get the maximum bending flexibility
Euromac offers a variety of standard tools for a Digibend and changing from one tool setup to another is fast and easy.
The Digibend table is a machined out of a single monoblock of Meehanite® 700N/mm2 (no welding points), the cylinder is completely embraced in the structure and the RAM is guided in all its stroke in order to be able to maintain the highest accuracy even in the high tonnage demanding applications. The strong structure combined with the unique control system and the specifically designed hydraulics ensure the repeatability accuracy (0,05 mm) even after thousands of bends.
The flexible and strong design of the Digibend table (with antimarking treatment) together with the easy to use control system (2 axis CNC controlled) allows any customer to create their own custom tools for special applications.