FX Bend series electric press brakes


Design features

Wila (New Standard)
Upper and lower tool holder with automatic clamping system.
Promecam (European)
Standard configuration:
• Upper tool holder with maual clamping system and quick lever (no tools needed)
• Lower tool holder with manual clamping system and quick lever (As Optional configuration: is possible to have a lower tool holder compatible with Wila and Promecam tooling with manual crowning system).
Innovation, reliability and productivity. If you had to define FX Bend through three words would be certainly these.
Innovation, because the force of the press is in extension during bending with the result of having greater strength and more precision in machining.
Reliability thanks to an extremely robust monoblock structure in Meehanite than any bending machine with an assembled structure.
High-level productivity with backgauges at 4 and 6-axis, fully automatic and with independent movements. Elements in carbon fiber reduces the weight of indexes allowing to reach speeds of up to 1000 mm / sec which together with high decelerations ensure maximum productivity.
Control unit
The control unit is a PANASONIC Toughbook.
• Anti glare touch-screen LCD.
• Water and dust resistant (IP65).
• Up to 9 hours battery power backup.
• Impact resistant*.
• Windows® 7 Professional.
• USB and WiFi connection.
• DXF import files.
• 2,5 D Graphic visualization.* impact force same as the one received from a drop of 90cm, tested in Panasonic factory