MBX Plus 6 autoindex

MBX 6 series punch presses


Design features

Universal workstations allowing to mount both single tool or multitool for 4, 6 or 10 cutters, make it possible to use workstations for any kind of task and increases the machine flexibility.
C-frame monoblock
Our machine frame is a normalized nodular cast iron monoblock in Meehanite® with 65kg/mm2, designed with FEM (Finite Element Method), punching head directly built into the monoblock frame. In practical terms this means a more robust (no welding points), precise and reliable structure being at the same time compact, hence using less floor space and allowing flexibility in loading different sheet sizes. A working zone opened from 3 sides makes it easier to load sheet of any format, allows to rotate it and facilitates tooling interchange.
AutoIndex innovative system

A patent protected solution that increases productivity for a smaller price. A unique direct rotation drive of AutoIndex system uses a smaller number of mechanical parts, increasing reliability and cutting service costs down. The index station may turn whether it contains single tools or MultiTool systems XMTE 4, XMTE 6 and XMTE 10.

Top Punch tooling management

The CNC router works on Windows with an intuitive user interface in Russian, which makes it easier to understand and shortens the programming time.